351 Greenwood Ave.

351 Greenwood Dr. Credit: 2009 Citywide Historic Resources Survey.

351 Greenwood Ave. Credit: 2009 Citywide Historic Resources Survey.

351 Greenwood. December 2013.

351 Greenwood. December 2013.


2 responses to “351 Greenwood Ave.

  1. This is my personal home renovation, we have been residents of Oakhurst for longer than you lived there (my understanding is that it was only 11months), I’ve lived here since back in 2004! My family has grown over the years, a 2bedroom 1050 sqft home filled with mold, termites, rusty pipes, no insulation, rats and roaches was no longer a safe place raise my family so we are renovating and it’s none of your damn buisness so please take down these pictures before I track down where you live and post pictures of your home for all to see, even google earth doesn’t go as far as to show actual addresses you psycho stalker!

    • Thank you for writing. The first photo to which you refer was published by the City of Decatur, along with your tax parcel information and other details, in the 2009 citywide historic resources survey. That survey — including the survey forms with the photos, addresses, and tax parcel details — is posted online at the City of Decatur Website:

      There is no personal information contained in this post and the photo I took was taken from the public right-of-way. The information contained in this blog is protected speech.

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