This comment about Oakhurst’s trees was posted at the Decatur Metro blog:

Credit: Decatur Metro. November 13, 2012.

Someone using the screen name “Pierce” replied to LilyinEastlake that Oakhurst’s trees were valued and were by no means endangered. “We have an abundance of trees that help to define the character of our community,” wrote Pierce. “And I do not see that defining characteristic to be at significant risk.” Bravo for LilyinEastlake’s response: ” ‘Had’ an abundance of trees. I am sure things will look like the “safe” burb’s soon enough.”

Personally, I wonder if anyone has kept track of how many trees Arlene Dean, Thrive, and Stoney River have cut down in Oakhurst over the past 18 months ….

Decatur as sustainable? Only if you believe the PR. More and more folks just aren’t buying it. In January 2012, I interviewed an environmental professional who lives in Decatur. Here’s what s/he had to say about Decatur and its policies towards trees and sustainability:

They’re doing a sustainability study right now and I’m like, “Sustainable? All of Oakhurst is becoming unsustainable.” You have huge amounts of impervious surface. Ripping down the trees. Throwing tons of stuff into landfills. Still having to heat and cool a huge house. I mean what’s sustainable about that? It’s a joke. It’s a joke. — Name Withheld, January 9, 2012.

Listen to the audio clip (pitch altered to protect interview subject’s identity):

Credit: Google Maps.

Credit: Google Maps.


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