124 Park Place (updated)

124 Park Place. Credit: Google Maps.

124 Park Place. July 19, 2012.

I typically try to show the properties posted at this site using photos from the 2009 Citywide historic resources survey. Unfortunately, despite Decatur Historic Preservation Planner Regina Brewer’s assertions that the 2009 survey was complete and met all of the city’s requirements, this property and its neighbors in the heart of the Town of Oakhurst‘s former core appear to have been omitted from the survey. The City of Decatur paid a consultant $35,000 to conduct the survey.

Proposed Oakurst Historic District map from the 2009 citywide historic resources survey. The arrow points to where the house at 124 Park Place stood.

Brewer wrote to me in February 2012 to complain that I had described the 2009 survey as incomplete:

From: Regina Brewer
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 11:43 AM
To: David Rotenstein
Cc: Lyn Menne; Amanda Thompson;

Subject: RE: Decatur teardown diary

You have stated that the work is incomplete, there is a difference.  Further, every survey has some mistakes especially when it is a windshield survey.  I believe HPD tried to make this point to you in your meeting with them regarding Decatur’s preservation practices.  I imagine even your work has some mistakes as no one is perfect.

I would again respectfully request that you change how you phrase your comments and consider what your goal is in making these comments.

Regina Brewer

Update (July 24, 2012): Silly me. Why would I think this block would be included in any proposed Oakhurst Historic District. According to Brewer, it’s in the so-called “West Decatur Survey Area“:

124 Park Place. Credit: 2009 Citywide historic resources survey.

Brewer’s correction does not change the basic fact that yet another historic house in Oakhurst has gone to a landfill. And, it begs the question why the block was not included in the proposed Oakhurst Historic District. As one reader noted in an earlier version of this post, a Decatur attorney who lives in the block was one of the leaders opposing the creation in 2007 of an Oakhurst Historic District. Does omission of this block from the area included in Oakhurst have anything to do with that? And if so, do all Decatur residents get the right to gerrymander historic district boundaries because they live within proposed boundaries?


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