1210 Oakview Road (updated)

Oakhurst teardown and gentrification apologist @Oakhurstgossip recently tweeted that work beginning on an early 20th century cottage will result in “a great renovation/preservation.”

Sadly, the project will be neither. Despite the builder’s assertion that the modest house was a “farmhouse,” it actually was a New South Cottage built along the Atlanta Consolidated Streetcar Company trolley line linking Decatur with Atlanta. The line was constructed in a right-of-way its owners had hoped would become their version of the more prominent Ponce de Leon corridor, complete with parklands and stylish suburban homes. Like 1210 Oakview Road.

1210 Oakview Road. May, 2012.

The builder proposes to construct a rear addition and add space to the existing block by piercing the classic cottage hipped roof with massive shed dormers on the front and west side facades.

1210 Oakview Road architect’s rendering. Credit: http://1210oakviewroad.com/

1210 Oakview Road. Rear of house removed, July 2, 2012.

1210 Oakview Road. chimneys removed, July 2, 2012.

Um, @OakhurstGossip, what was that you tweeted about the shed dormer?

1210 Oakview Road. shed dormer construction begins, July 2, 2012.

1210 Oakview Road. Gutted, July 7, 2012.

1210 Oakview Road. July 15, 2012. I guess the historically authentic porch didn’t fit what likely will be the transformation of this former New South Cottage into a faux Craftsman. And, contrary to tweeter @OakhurstGossip’s now-locked tweet, the builder is punching through the roof and adding a shed dormer to the principal facade.

1210 Oakview Road. July 22, 2012.

1210 Oakview Road, “rehab” completed and first open house announced. September 8, 2012. Voila, it’s no longer historic!


@Oakhurstgossip, call it a renovation or something else but don’t call this project “historic preservation” because it isn’t. This project embodies the “Ruined Decatur” principle.


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